April 2007 Pictures

Safe and sound.

4/6/07 Well after much anticipation, the wing kit arrived at work today! I can't wait to get started!

There are 120 nutplates on the wing spars for the fuel tanks and 24 for the inspection plates. Each nutplate has 3 holes that have to be machine countersunk. The center hole becomes too big for the countersink to stay centered and not chatter so you have to clamp a piece of metal to the spar that has a centering hole. Pretty time consuming considering the number of holes.

Wing kit, about $6000. Leftover mexican food at 6AM, priceless!!

It's so nice Spring is here so I can primer outside.

This compressor pump was on its way out. Building an airplane without air is like growing a garden without water. It just isn't gonna happen.

So here's the new pump! It's amazingly quiet.