August 2009 Pictures

Another coat of overpriced primer. A lot better on the pinholes this time, but there's still more.

Pinholes galore on the gear leg fairings though. :(

Marked the rivet holes on the bottom rudder fairing

Top of rudder fiberglass tip

Since the top fiberglass piece fits inside the skin, you have to countersink the fiberglass for the skin dimples. These glued in aluminum strips provide a good bite for the pop rivets.

Pop riveting on the top fiberglass tip

These holes get nutplates for the empennage fiberglass fairing

Using the nutplate as a drill guide

The VOR / GS antenna mount

In order to maintain the necessary egde distance, I decide to cut off half the nutplate and only rivet one side. This is the Horizontal Stab fiberglass tip that may need to be removed in order to access the VOR / GS antenna

The lower Horizontal Stab fairing strip

Machine countersinking for the #6 dimples

The longeron gets tapped to 6/32 for the #6 screws

Same deal with nutplates on the Horizontal Stab for the empenage fairing screws

Work on right wingtip

Tons of nutplates to install

This rib goes in the rear of the wingtip

To disconnect the aileron I had to remove the flap

Aileron disconnected

Rib set in place and marked

Top drilled clecoed, just a couple holes

Reinstalled wingtip, clamped and drilled couple holes in bottom

Removed to drill all holes