December 08 Pictures

It's getting tougher posting progress pictures because although alot is happening, there just isn't as much to show for it.

I've started the wiring by doing just one thing at a time.

Wire routing is up to the individual so I've put quite a bit of thought into it.

Flap motor

Kind of a pain but I installed these tiewrap bases for the wiring inside the tunnel. Since the elevator pushrod moves back and forward in the tunnel it's important to have everything out of the way.

Like this

This is the route from the spar to the panel

Here it is with the cover

Quite a bit going on here and I'm just scratching the surface. There will be a ton more wiring.

12/7/08 Another big day! It was two years ago today that I started this project. The first year I ended up working 943 hours and this last year I worked 1119.5 for a grand total of 2062.5 hours.

Something else a little interesting, today was the first time I realized that I started this project on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Rudder nav light and strobe

Got my Garmin SL30 Nav/Comm radio today. Sweet!

Also got a marker beacon antenna

Started trimming lower rudder fiberglass to fit

More stuff! This is the panel lighting dimmer.

This is a rectifier diode to seperate the avionics bus from the master bus.

This is a B&C votage regulator

This is the transponder antenna temporarily hooked up incase I accidently transmit

Here are the transponder and Nav/Comm powered up for the first time and the first items on the avionics bus. I put my handheld comm antenna on the Nav/Comm incase of accidental transmit too.

Here is the actual comm antenna for the SL30 Nav/Comm that will be mounted on the airplane belly

Here is the doubler I made for the antenna

This is a used crimper I bought for crimping standard and high density avionics pins. I should be getting the positioners for it in a couple of days.

Mounted the transponder antenna

Drilled holes for Comm 1 antenna

Had to get a hand from my cleco coffee container for these screws

Mounted the marker beacon antenna

Made these custom brackets for mounting the VOR / Glideslope antenna on the top of the vertical stab.

Everything airplane related is spendy and this combination VOR / Glideslope antenna is no acception. A new one is $315.00 so when I saw this on Van's Airforce classifieds for $160.00 I jumped all over it. A guy had it on his RV but was having problems so he ordered a new one and replaced it. Same problems which he later determined to be cable connections.

Holy cow how many antennas are there????????

1 for Nav / Comm 1
1 for Nav / Comm 2
1 for Transponder
1 for Marker Beacon
1 for VOR / Glideslope
1 for ELT
1 for Garmin GPS
1 for Lowrance GPS


More wiring!

Finally fit the right wingtip

Finished trimming the lower rudder fairing and tried out the light

Got my positioners, standard on the left and high density on the right with their respective pins.