December 2009 Pictures

Painted back of panel and riveted top angle

Drilled holes for compass calibration screws (almost forgot)

Final sanding

One of the things I've needed to do is add bracing to the panel. The original Van's ribs, that most people cut off, end up being right in the middle of the Dynon displays. Since my panel is quite full, I decided to use the Dynon tray as a sort of rib. Here's where I notched it.

Had to use my grinder to countersink due to the tight location

Bea's sister Kati spent the night so they came out for a shop visit / snooze.

Completed braces

I started this project 3 years ago today and now have 2794 hours into it. Definately not setting any speed records but really enjoying it.

This is the tray for the Dynon AP74 auto pilot unit. The HS34 HSI control is the exact same size but has 2 DB-25 connectors in the back instead of one. The HS34 doesn't come with a tray at all, just a lame little bracket thing that doesn't work good in my opinion. So I ordered and extra AP74 tray so I could hack the other one to work with the HS34.

Since I cut out most of the back for the DB25 connector, I riveted on this reinforcement angle.

A pretty crowded area, but it works awesome.

A weekend of cleanup and labeling

Once I install the panel for good many of these places will be more challanging to get to.

Labeled the active switches and jacks

Labeled the fuse blocks and wiring

Got my ELT control panel

And vertical compass card. (It's really nice)

Panel re-installed

The World War II glider wings are from my Grandpa Conrad

Wired the idiot lights

I decided to connect them with a DB-9 connector so I can just unplug them if I need to remove the panel.

I'm very happy how the panel turned out. I still need a backup attitude or turn coordinator and CDI but for now I'm moving on to firewall forward stuff.

What the heck? Yep finally pulled the left wing off for the first time. I have to move my flap a little and want to intall the nutplates for the wing root fairing.