Decembar 2010

Installed this cap on the engine tach drive

The last fuel line I had to buy, thank God! $63 bucks for one of these!!!

Instead of using the engine tach drive, the Dynon EMS can get the RPM off of the magnetos. These are 30K limiting resistors for the Dynon.

Painted and installed the oil cooler shutter and FAB bypass cable brackets for good.

This is the FAB bypass cable route.

I still need to make the "official" cable connection to the sliding door.

I made instrument blanks for the CDI and back up attitude indicator I may not get for awhile. $$$

Started working on the spinner. This is the front plate. The bolt in the middle is just a temporary handle.

Made a template

The first "rough" cut.

Here is the prop spacer. The only problem with this is it's pressed onto the back of the prop and very difficult to get back off. Since the spinner back plate is sandwiched between the prop spinner and prop, you have to do all the work on the back plate before you press them together. (drill holes, install nutplates, etc.)

Here it is behind the spinner back plate.

Anyway I made some temporary pins for alignment and a piece of plywood to hold the hold the back plate flat against the prop. (From Van's it's not perfectly flat from the punching and stamping process.)

Made a template for the "gap fillers" behind the prop.

Riveted all the nutplates and gap fillers on the spinner back plate.

Tapped on the prop spacer with a block of wood and a 5 lb hammer. It is a super snug fit and took quite a few blows.


Installed the front plate nutplates and screws.

Mounted the ELT. (Emergency Locator Transmitter)

Scrap to make some antenna mount brackets

I drilled out 1 rivet so I could rivet this bracket on.

Bolted the antenna bracket

Hey perfect timing. You are supposed to only test the ELT transmitter at 5 minutes after the hour. I tested it and it worked great!