February 09 Pictures

Wired the ARINC 429 data circuits between Dynon EFIS and GNS-430 GPS. Now the EFIS will display an HSI for either the GPS or VOR/LOC on the GNS-430.

Temp mounted the Comm 2 antenna

Temp mounted the GNS-430 GPS antenna

For about a week I have been doing a ton of load calcs, drawing, and planning to determine what I need to complete my electrical system. To date I've just been powering everything with a car battery on the floor connected to each bus. Now that I have the battery for the airplane, I'm going to complete the wiring necessary to make the swap.

These drawings are "work in progress" but are getting pretty close.

Drilling rivet holes in static ports

Hole in side skin for the static ports. There's one on each side.

This is the small part of the static port that sticks out

Static tubing temporarily connected

Working on master bus and battery bus wiring

Cool crimper I bought for the large guage wires that you hit with a hammer.

My dad helped me back rivet the static ports

The battery bus

Master and avionics busses. I upraded the avionics bus from a 16 fuse block to a 20.

White static tubing to the EFIS, Altimeter, and Airspeed indicators

Green Pitot tubing to the EFIS and Airspeed indicators

Finally received my strobe power supply

Strobe temporarily installed in wingtip. These will have aluminum plates under them like the position light LEDs

Strobe power supply mounted just aft of the baggage bulkhead

I've been dreading the pitot (green) and angle of attack (blue) tubing runs for awhile because I'm running out of room. Van's doesn't give you a ton of holes through the spar and with all my antenna's, etc, they are filling up fast. I did end up changing to a different style snap bushing that allowed just enough room. Done deal now. Whew!