July 2008 Pictures

Had to cut a hole in the subpanel for the deeper SL-30 and GNS-430W trays

These ribs get cut off, otherwise they would end up in the middle of the Dynon displays. The panel will get supported in other locations.

Decided to cut in the ignition switch this morning. You can't just drill a hole because it's keyed. Lots of filing!

And today it's the Hobbs meter.

This is the forward part of the canopy frame

Matchdrilling the forward canopy frame joiner plate

Drilling the hinges to the forward canopy frame

And finally marking the hinges with the drill bit

These get drilled with a drill guide to make sure the holes are exactly perpendicular do the surface

Here it is with the hinge pins in

And now with the skin on

Throttle (Black), Prop (Blue), and Mixture (Red) cables

Pilot holes for the flycutter

Airspeed and Altimeter installed

Riveted joiner plate and hinges

Started laying out the sides and back of the canopy frame

That's a wrap for July. 1700 hours as of today!