July 2009 Pictures

I decided to add this strip around the entire inside of the wheelpants front halves to help remove the little step between the front and back of the pant.

Here's the gear removed for ease of marking the tire cutout

Here the opening is just big enough for the tire

Here's about a 5/8" gap. Many people don't put enough gap and during a hard landing or low tire can easily catch and damage the tire and or wheelpant. I'm contemplating going to 3/4".

Man why did I whine in the house, now I have to watch airplane building.

Re-packed the wheel bearings with Aeroshell 22 grease.

Drilling for the cotter pin. First I marked one side...

Then removed the wheel and drilled it on the drillpress...

Then pinned that side...

Then repeated on the other side.

Perfect! I must have longer cotter pins somewhere though.

Finally about ready for some primer

Clean with hot and soapy water

Here's another $120 or so worth of painting supplies. Yikes!

All clean and wiped down with wax and grease remover just in case

Looking pretty good after a couple of coats of PPG NCP271 primer

That is except for the pinholes. You can't see them till after you shoot the primer, but now they are quite obvious. At least now I know where they are.

Instead of putty, like others I have decided to squeegie on fiberglass resin to attempt to fill the pinholes. I guess we'll see how it works out after the next coat of primer.