July 2010

Let the painting process begin! My Dad came up from California to help me for a month or so until it's done.

My friend Dan at CEC Electric hooked me up with these light fixtures that I made stands for.

Cut depron pieces that we'll glass over to fill in the tips.

Made a spacer jig on the spinner in order to square up the cowl to spinner gap.

Started scotchbriting pieces

Laid up a couple thin strips of glass to fill in the tip cracks

We took Friday off and drove up to the Arlington Flyin. Here are Lane and Dad next to the Van's demo RV-7/A.

Lane's hightlight of the day was sitting in Renny Price's Sukhoi SU-29.

My paintjob will be very simular to this

Lots of scotchbriting

Picked up some lightweight Rage Gold filler. 50 bucks a gallon but it's supposed to be sweet.

Lots of parts!

Cut fiberglass strips and started on the canopy skin to plexiglass transition

Laying down the first of six layers

The sixth and final layer

Applied peelply

Dad started on the bodywork and it's looking great. I'm sooo glad he's helping me out!

Stated roughing up the wings

Another great Dad project taking shape. I'm pretty much just a laborer during all this fancy fiberglass and bodywork stuff.

Started laying out the targa strip

Started shooting etching primer

Primed the flaps, ailerons, and top cowl

More work on the targa strip

A total of 4 layers of fiberglass

Got and temp installed my alternator to confirm clearance from the lower cowl

Picture of my alternator belt size, so someday I can find it again

The next morning we unveiled the targa strip and it looks great!

Re-taped and started finishing the targa strip

Started on the lower cowl

Almost there. It's gonna look awesome!

Horizontal and Vertical Stabs

Wing access plates

Rudder and Elevators

Dad is getting close on the cowl work

Scotchbrided the right wing

Extended my existing stands to hold the wing vertically

Unveiled the front window fairing and targa layups and they look outstanding!

At the paint store when I was picking colors I just wanted a bright white and a bright red. Today when I looked at the label was the first time I noticed it was Nortwest Orient Airlines White and Chrysler Viper Red. Funny. What a combination.