June 2009 Pictures

My old camera finally went T.U. for good and a lost a few progress picts. Oh well.

Here are the piano hinges riveted in the gear fairing to hold the trailing edge together.

Here is one of the brake lines. A ton of patience getting the bends just right.

This is a board used to align the gear leg fairings

I'm going to have to reposition the top strings a little to miss the wing step

Little blurry but with the main fairings aligned, the top intersection fairings fit great.

After a lot of grinding and sanding, here are the bottoms

Now the passenger side

Roughed up for Bondo

Bondo? Yes Bondo

Roughed up again

Here's some micro-balloons and flox to fill the small step before some layups

The first of 3 layups

After the layups it's time for Superfill

Not too bad!