June 2010

Completed the lower cowl exit air bracket thingy. Quite the hodgepodge but it works very well.

The cowl will get trimmed even with the back of the bracket

Marked the oil door cutout

The oil door needs to be trimmed to fit

Pretty close

The top cowl was a little uneven where the hinge attaches so I flattened it out with some epoxy resin and flox

Made this hinge bracket from scratch

Here is what it looks like on a Cessna 152. I ordered 2 of the push button latches for mine though.

Prepared and fiberglassed on the inlet ramps

Van's suggests re-installing the cowl while the ramps dry just in case they re-shape the cowl.

A little hard to see here but there are some big veins sticking up here where the seal needs to go

This peice gets bent to match the inlet and will later be screwed on

The left rear baffling and oil cooler mounting are pretty much done now

Cracking has always been an issue with baffle mounted oil coolers, so like others I'm going to add a gusset here.

Temped in the oil cooler lines to get familiar with where connect

I wanted to install the window for good this weekend so Saturday was the day. I started by putting in every screw just to make sure everything lined up before breaking out the sealant.

There were just a couple holes that I wanted to open up a little instead of forcing in a screw.

This is the sealant. The only problem is it sets up pretty fast so you have to be quick.

All told, it took about 3 hours to install.

Sealed and riveted the heater hose attachment

Riveted the last of the baffling sheet metal!

I temporarily installed the dipstick tube and dipstick to see how well I could reach it through the oil door.

Started working on the latches

I used a piece of the cowl cutout for this doubler. The door itself is a little flimsy and people have problems with them popping open.

It works great! I'll leave it up to my painter to decide how round to make the corners. :)

Filed and installed nutplates for the hinge pin retainers.

Received my front fairing from Fairings Etc

After some trimming it fits, but will need some work.

There's several things I'd like to get my head around so I decided to temporarily mount the fuel servo and exaust to see where things end up and line up.

Riveted on the last skin! What a pain in the ass it was.

Painting is going to start soon so I ordered a new gun and a bunch of other stuff to get the party started.