March 2011

Wired and temporarily installed the wing tips. (They'll have to come off for the inspection.)

Installed the wing walk material on each side.

Hung the left aileron. It naturally hangs this way without the pushrod hooked up.

Safety wired flap hinge pins

Pop riveted on side covers

Tough to see but I installed clear UHMW tape where the flap could rub on the wing skin.

Finally a nice day so I threw on the cowl and wheelpants and rolled it outside. I always wondered just what it would look like, and I love it!

Not such a great day for this guy who came up a little short for runway 34. I was in my hangar and didn't even know it happened. Good news is they were both ok.

Sunday I drained what was left of the preservative oil and added 7 quarts of break in mineral oil.

Got my data plate back from the engraver and riveted it on.

Added "No Step" stickers to each flap.

I've been going pretty strong on the plane the last couple weeks so I thought before I left the airport, I'd take my lawnchair and just watch for awhile.

I was kind of suprised these guys where starting mid field in the grass for takeoff, but after the Supercub put the wood to it they were off in no time.

Early morning picture

Mounted Halon fire extinguisher

Easily within reach yet out of the way

Got my Dynon capacitive fuel level thingys

Weight and Balance

Scott swung by one morning to help me do it. It's was pretty easy but I just needed a little help pulling it up on to the scales. (The scales courtesy of EAA Chapter 326!)

We taped the ramps to the floor so they wouldn't slide...

and pulled it up on the scales. I decided it wouldn't be worth installing the front gear leg, intersection fairing, and front of wheelpant when I could easily weigh them seperately and add it to the front wheel weight.

Confirmed the longerons were level.

Well there it is! After we rolled it down I seperately weight the items mentioned above and they were all a total of 1 pound.

So here it is with the 1 pound added to the front wheel and total weights.