May 2007 Pictures

Conduit holes for wing wiring.

2 hours worth of scrubbing for 14 ribs. Oh Joy!

The shirt wasn't planned but appropriate.

My friend Nick came over and helped me rivet the main spar.

The wing walk doubler is located at the root of the wing for extra support.

It is not pre-punched so it has to be matched drilled.

The bottom of the left wing. You can see the access plate locations.

The wing tie down plate. It will get an eye bolt out of the bottom of the wing so you can tie the plane down when parking.

A pnuematic cleko tool? Hell ya this thing is awesome!

Started on the fuel tank attach brackets.

Match drilling all the holes and there are a ton of them.

Started riveting the right wing ribs to the spar.

Just broke 400 hours today. (5/20/07) Time sure does fly when your having fun!

Cutting out fuel tank stiffeners

And here they are!

Roughing out the fuel tank attach brackets