November 2007 Pictures

The fuselage came to my work this afternoon! 11/1/07

It weighs in at 325lbs

It's amazing how much stuff Van's fits nicely into 1 crate.

They don't waste any space

More rivets? Are you kidding me?

I inventoried everything and it's all here

Well I might as well get started.

After digging through a lot of parts, fabricating some, and some cleckoing, here is the firewall.

This has to be the cleanest instrument panel I've ever seen. No crowded guages, annoying lights, switches, or anything. Ha ha!

Match drilling the firewall.

This hole gets opened up for the rudder cable and bushing.

These holes are for brakelines and wiring.

Match drilling the flap hinge.

Firewall parts and flap hinges ready for primer.

The wings are done! A ton of work but very satisfying.

Working on the F-704 center section.

First Flight!

The pictures don't do this much justice. It is a very neat part and the heart of the fuselage.

Taken back apart to primer.

On to the F-705 bulkhead.

I haven't had a morning visitor for at least a month. Today Lauren woke up at 7:15am and came out for awhile.

This is the bottom of the F-705. It is pretty significant as it attaches the rear wing spars and the seatbelts.

The seatbelt attach brackets.

F-705 with the seat belt brackets taken off.

This makes it a little easier to understand.