November 2010

Alright! More Proseal!

Finally riveted the FAB. Not a lot to show for a ton of work.

Filter slid in

Top plate set on

This isn't on for good so no gasket yet.

These are bolts have the head drilled for safety wire

FAB bolted on

Looks great! I do plan to put some filler on the glass to smooth things out a little and paint it black though.

This is the engine vent tube

It is positioned over the exaust so that when it drips oil the hot exaust will burn it off instead of it getting all over the bottom of the plane.

I made this mount for the Lowrance GPS antenna. It will be hidden under the cowl but still get good reception through the fiberglass.

More cardboard templates.

Riveted the side and rear baffle seals

I riveted the front baffles that are behind the spinner to the cowl inlet ramps. If it looks like a cluster fuck, it is! Lots of funky shapes and angles to get a good seal.

Baffling is finally done! Looking at them now they sure don't look like much. What the heck took so long? I can't tell you how many times the baffling and the cowl have been put on and taken back off to trim them just right. Months and months of work here.

Got my fuel flow transducer

Started on the firewall bracket

Alternator blast tube for cooling

Permanently installed the dipstick tube and safety wired it

Magneto blast tubes

Aimed to blow on the magneto

Mounted the manifold pressure transducer under the dash. Hard to get a picture of and even harder to mount.

Made this bracket for the oil cooler shutter and FAB bypass (Alternate Air)

Made my own firewall connectors out of 7/16 fine thread bolts

I decided to mount these low and out of passenger reach. I'll probably use the oil cooler shutter quite a bit, but the FAB bypass is for emergency only.

Made this bracket so the cables don't rub on the rudder pedals

Here is the oil cooler shutter closed

And open. I debated putting this on but several friends highly recommended it. On cold days it really helps you get to the recommended oil operating temperature.

Happy Thanksgiving! Got my RV building fix out of the way this morning so it's time to relax and eat some turkey!

Crimped starter wire terminals. Pretty big 2ga wire.

Also put terminals on the 6ga alternator wire.

Finding the best route for these wires was kind of a bitch. I'd messed with them for a couple days before crimping the ends today.

I made this little attach bracket for support going accross to the starter.

The last thing I did was disconnect the starter wire from the solenoid. My electrical system is "hot" and the last thing I want to do is accidently turn the key or hit my watch on something and engage the starter. I probably won't hook this up again until she's at the airport.

Installed the engine ground strap

Made a jumper per the alternator instructions for the "field" wire.

The magneto wire is 18ga single conductor shielded.

I soldered a ground wire to the shield for a a more robust connection.

Mounted and wired the "Red Cube" fuel flow tranducer.