October 2008 Pictures

Battery Box

Lightening holes

Doubler for relays

Master and Starter relays

Had to make spacers for the two lower center engine mount holes. I cut them out of my instrument panel cutouts.

Here they are installed

Brake caliper mounts on main gears

This is a small wedge I made out of plastic. Many people install them and it helps guide the canopy nicely when it closes.

Drilled hole (pain in the butt) for heater box

Heater box

Had to make a bracket to hold these relay decks. The trim buttons on the pilot's control stick control these relays, which in turn activate trim servos.

Been kicking around how I want to document all my wiring and decided to use Microsoft Visio. It's a slimmed down version of CAD that's pretty easy to use. Here is my first drawing documenting what I've done so far. Quite a few wires just for the pilot's joystick.