September 2010

Got my electric fuel pump and filter

Dug out this mounting plate I worked on a long time ago

Took 2 attempts to bend this tube correctly. Quite the gaggle of stuff but the bottom line is the engine runs off the mechanical fuel pump on the engine. This is a back up pump if the other fails. Some of the gaggle is what's necessary for the fuel to flow though here when this pump is off. Typically this pump is only used as a back up during takeoff and landing.

Mechanical fuel pump drain thing

Test fit the throttle cable

Test fit the mixture cable

Throttle and mixture through the firewall

Started installing the exhaust hangers

Started working on the FAB (Filtered Air Box)

Off to the Reno Air Races tomorrow!!! Here is Galloping Ghost that will race this year. This P-51 raced its first race in 1946. They just completely restored it last year but didn't quite make Reno for 2009. I can't wait to see it!

Installed the Manifold Pressure line

Got a 45deg fitting for the Hobbs Meter switch

Started laying out holes for the rubber baffling material

Cardboard templates

Rubber pieces temporarily installed

Complete the fuel lines. Nothing is tight yet but it's all there.